The Bathroom Goddess

The Bathroom Goddess by Kogoe Soh

(No picture ;w;)


“The heck are you? A peeper?”

“Would it be possible for you to spare me a cup of water?”

This conversation that was obviously mismatched at a glance, was the meeting between the Japanese company employee, Tamano Izumi, and the one who would later be known as the Sacred Kingdom of Yohk’Zai’s strongest and greatest king, Huuron.

While she was in the middle of a bath, the bathroom window connected to a mysterious world. Izumi was just enjoying her baths while she bartered things with the various people that appeared beyond the window, but before long, she ended up deeply affecting the fate of that world…

So this was recently updated, hooray! So I decided I should post something about it. Because it’s awesome. Well, then again, does anyone read these? I don’t even know :P. Back to the topic! This is really funny. I mean, just read the synopsis…

What I really enjoy about this is the way that the episodic chapters are done, and how they seem to be separate, but actually tie together very nicely. Right now, it seems split into different parts (there were two “Yohk’Zai” chapters, two “Triht”, two [unamed country], and two “Ii’Jibro”). At the same time though, seeing how the Yohk’Zai and Triht chapters have tied in, one can assume that this will all lead into a bigger picture later on (not a very difficult assumption to come to). I love reading those types of stories (because I find that reading or watching events as they begin to find their place in the bigger picture is very beautiful).

Additionally, it’s a very humorous story. At the same time though, it has fairly serious undertones. The plot of the “other side” is generally serious (politics, coup d’etat, etc.), but when met with a “witch”/”mystic”/”angel” (aka Izumi), it becomes significantly less so (is how I personally feel, although occasionally it will still remain serious). I mean, after all, she is taking a bath most of the time…

With all that said, I believe this deserves a 9/10! Because I really do like it. Este-sama please release more chapters!! ;w;! Although as a leecher I have no right to be saying that. Much thanks to Este-sama for all her hard work though~ Allow me to dogeza in the face of your translating might~ We should all send chocolates and flowers or something (as I propose my lov- *cough* whut).


Picture provided by courtesy of Este-sama.



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